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Magnificent Midlife

Nov 21, 2023

Dr Sola Togun-Butler is a psychotherapist and transformative life coach. She’s the founder of Butterfly Counseling Services and speaks regularly on the importance of mental health and wellness, while offering solutions to minimize stress, prevent burnout and achieve balance. 

We talk about:

- The importance of addressing societal expectations that lead to burnout in women, particularly in midlife

- The guilt that arises from cultural and gender expectations that women should prioritize their children and family over their own needs

- How changing thought patterns through cognitive restructuring and reframing can help reduce feelings of guilt

- How Dr Sola’s Nigerian cultural background influenced her upbringing

- Polarization in the menopause discourse

- Finding it easier to listen to different perspectives as you get older

- The importance of curiosity and seeking diverse viewpoints in midlife

- How Dr Sola helps midlife women come to terms with or move on from trauma

- Why women fear embracing their authentic selves due to fear of rejection from others

- How women can make changes despite potential conflict with loved ones

- The power of butterflies as a symbol of transformation

- Some effective strategies for preventing burnout

- How Dr Sola helps women practice self compassion

- Differences between US and Nigerian culture in regards to the status of women as they get older

- Ageism and self-love in UK and Nigerian cultures

And more!

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