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Magnificent Midlife

Nov 28, 2019

Meet Louise Carr who healed her own midlife trauma through retraining as a nutrition consultant. She has a fascinating story to tell about how to improve our health through nutrition, but also how health issues can be changed by eliminating trauma from our lives. All driven by her own experience. Listen in for so...

Nov 21, 2019

Meet gerontologist, coach and author of The Middlessence Manifesto, Barbara Waxman. She's redefining how we think about midlife and highlighting our incredible potential and the opportunities available for those who remain open to growth. 

In this inspiring and uplifting interview we cover:

  • What Barbara means by...

Nov 9, 2019

Join me as I interview Nancy Zeffman and Eileen Willett the founders of Cucumber Clothing, designed to keep women cool in all circumstances.

In this eye-opening interview we cover:

Starting a business in midlife
The importance of friendship, support and trust in starting Cucumber
What makes Cucumber Clothing special...

Nov 7, 2019

Meet the very funny Julia Frey and Sarah Auerswald, the co-presenters of Menopodcast. These two first met as children growing up on Maui. They moved to Los Angeles, worked in the film industry, set up businesses and are doing a massive job now raising awareness of menopause on their fabulously popular podcast. I've been...