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Magnificent Midlife

Mar 27, 2023

Rebecca Wrigley is one of the founders of Rewilding Britain, and now its chief executive. She has worked in the voluntary and public sectors for 23 years, and is passionate about engaging local communities in decision-making about their land and resources. There is so much we can all contribute to protecting...

Mar 21, 2023

Dr Kathryn Mannix has devoted her life to the palliative care of the dying. In this episode, she talked about death, the process of it and how we can all prepare better for it. She also wrote a remarkable book called With The End In Mind which everyone should read! It was such a pleasure to talk to her about death! This...

Mar 14, 2023

Tania Elfersy is a transformative coach, speaker and award-winning author, specializing in midlife women’s health. She’s spent years researching what causes and what can relieve symptoms associated with perimenopause and menopause and became free of her own physical and emotional symptoms naturally and simply....

Mar 7, 2023

Rachel’s back with a solo update on what’s been happening in her world and the exciting launch of MenoClarity.

She talks about:

- An update on her mum post breaking her hip

- Adapting to a new way of living

- The fluctuation of mental capacity

- Digital exclusion and Internet upgrade issues

- Levels of customer...