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Magnificent Midlife

Sep 24, 2021

Karen Skidmore is a marketing consultant and business advisor with a particular interest in helping midlife women scale their small businesses without burning out. She’s also had a lot of reinventions as she has moved through her midlife shifts.

We talk about:

  • How Karen successfully made the transition from working in a corporate world to building her own business
  • Why Karen was always ahead of the curve
  • How Karen managed to balance family life and business in an ongoing basis considering different transitions 
  • The potential of businesses going virtual in reaching global audience over the coming years 
  • Necessity is the mother of invention.
  • Karen’s Embrace 2.0 event
  • What inspired Karen to write her book, “True Profit Business”
  • Karen’s journey in figuring out what kind of business really suited her
  • How Karen sees business as three energies
  • The systems and processes that we can apply to life and at the same time, in our business
  • Having a routine to support you
  • How we can factor in our cycles
  • The different energies we have as we go through a menstrual cycle
  • What a moon cycle is

And more!

Find out more about Karen:

Karen’s website:

Know more about Karen's Embrace Festival

Karen’s book: True Profit Business: How to play your bigger game without burning out 

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Book mentioned in the interview: Wild Power: Discover the Magic of Your Menstrual Cycle and Awaken the Feminine Path to Power

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