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Magnificent Midlife

Jun 22, 2020

An interview with Julie Owen Moylan, a writer whose short stories and articles have appeared in the Welsh Review, Horizon Literary Review and The Voice of Women in Wales Anthology. She’s also won awards for her films and has a massive following on Twitter!
We talk all things writing, inspiration and finding one’s authentic voice. There’s lots of laughter here.

We talk about:

  • How Julie came to be writing her first novel at nearly 60
  • Following her dream of becoming a writer
  • Her midlife excavation process
  • How she got started writing seriously
  • Finding the motivation to keep going
  • The excitement of being spotted by a literary agent
  • Making the most of our precious heartbeats
  • Becoming more creative as we age
  • How Julie writes and developed the story for the book
  • The magic on days when the story just flows
  • Julie’s belief that somewhere in the ether the book exists and her job is to transmit it
  • The importance of just turning up to write and getting in the right mood
  • Finding ways to take the pressure to perform off oneself
  • Julie’s huge Twitter following and how that came about
  • How Julie deals with anyone nasty on Twitter
  • Getting better at straight-talking as we age
  • Channelling Julie’s inner Nessa
  • Flying the Twitter flag for older women and setting the record straight on ageing
  • Unravelling negative age-related narratives that have taken up residence in your head
  • How great life can be after 40 and how it can keep getting better

And lots more!

Julie’s Website


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