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Magnificent Midlife

Mar 30, 2020

In this laughter-filled and very inspiring interview with the lovely Christie Glascoe, author, editor, screenwriter, creative coach, and professional life-lesson-learner, we talk and giggle about:

  • Life under lockdown
  • How people are approaching social distancing
  • The speed at which things are changing
  • Getting news from all over the world
  • Day to day life in Atlanta
  • Printing out permits to go outside in Paris
  • The need to cooperate to make isolation last less time
  • How isolation is easier for folks who usually work from home
  • Dressing up from the waist up
  • But it’s not so easy to work from home
  • Changes that will hopefully become permanent after coronavirus
  • The possibilities of this sucky experiment
  • How the possibilities of reinventing next chapters are now being thrown at us
  • How the environment is improving because we are staying home
  • Does Mother Nature have a grand plan to keep us at home?
  • How the earth is cleansing and we have the chance to do that to
  • Rethinking everything as creativity blooms
  • How we can all be creative especially now
  • The taboo of therapy in the Black community
  • Using writing/journalling as therapy
  • How the pandemic is a great social leveller
  • Having more time and what to do with it
  • No longer having reasons for not having enough time
  • The opportunity to tap into the talents we’d forgotten we had
  • The forgotten Generation X and how we get lost between millennials and boomers
  • How millennials will never survive the zombie apocalypse
  • The huge value of old school skills combined with tech knowledge
  • What creative adulting means
  • Living our best lives within our own capabilities not someone else’s
  • Being youlo instead of jlo
  • Getting your story out into the world
  • Not putting ourselves last on our own list
  • How taking care of ourselves is not selfish
  • Getting creative about being creative
  • Making the most of this time to realize a dream
  • Doing something positive in the midst of all this negativity
  • Making something that will carry beyond this crisis

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