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Magnificent Midlife

Nov 21, 2019

Meet gerontologist, coach and author of The Middlessence Manifesto, Barbara Waxman. She's redefining how we think about midlife and highlighting our incredible potential and the opportunities available for those who remain open to growth. 

In this inspiring and uplifting interview we cover:

  • What Barbara means by Middlessence
  • Getting rid of the competition between women for the benefit of the world!
  • The power of women when we come together
  • Women as connectors and how good we can be at support and building communities
  • How middle-aged men's power is waning in the US and elsewhere
  • 60% of divorces after 40 are initiated by women
  • How if men can embrace the changes in midlife women, it's better for all of us
  • Becoming aware of the many more older woman role models and taking inspiration from them.
  • What Barbara means by re-potting
  • The importance of engaging with information sources you don't agree with
  • Not getting entrenched in our thinking as we get older
  • The dangers of living in a bubble
  • Why staying uncomfortable is very powerful
  • Not getting hung up on the idea of having more purpose
  • Making the most of the time we have
  • The essential elements to getting midlife working well
  • The importance of a holistic approach to health
  • The power of coaching
  • Making the most of the things that only time can bring us
    And lots more!

You can find out more about Barbara on her website

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