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Magnificent Midlife

Nov 29, 2022

Dr Amanda Hanson is on a mission to revolutionize how women age and how society feels about older women. She believes midlife should be a time of power and joy, rather than crisis. She's a clinical psychologist and coach. She's the high profile Midlife Muse on social media.

We talk about:

- Recognizing and fighting the narratives about women and age

- The role of misogyny

- Breaking free of society's expectations for older women

- Lessons from going grey as a woman

- The work of Mama Gema

- How we can be all the things as we age - we don't trade sensuality for wisdom, for example

- Stepping out of fear when it comes to ageing

- Going viral on TikTok

- How perceptions shape our reality

- Moving to a sense of abundance about ourselves

- Choosing to age differently to what we see as the norm

- A radical approach to changing the narrative about women's reproductive rights

- Women taking care of their own sexual needs

- Refusing to be a victim even though it's easy to do that

- Taking radical responsibility

- Building a plan for the menopause transition

- Staying curious and proactive about menopause

- The power of the feminine

- Finding your tribe of women and opening up conversations

And more!


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