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Magnificent Midlife

Oct 31, 2021

Deb Johnstone is a transformational coach, a professional speaker, a mindset coach amongst other things, and recently, a qualified yoga coach. She especially works to help women rediscover themselves in midlife. This podcast is full of wisdom for how we can live our very best lives in midlife and beyond.

We talk about:

  • Why and how Deb moved from the UK to Australia
  • Coping when the kids leave home
  • The events that led to her own personal transformation
  • Coping with domestic borders under Covid
  • Why midlife is such an opportunity for women
  • What holds women back from living their best lives
  • How women can rediscover themselves in midlife
  • The importance of taking time to reevaluate life in midlife
  • Finding creativity in midlife 
  • Being a grandmother and the transformation that represents
  • The three levels of change (be, do, have)
  • Starting a new chapter as a Grandma during COVID
  • The things you notice as an observer with grandkids
  • Asking yourself ‘What else makes me me?”

And more!

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