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Magnificent Midlife

Jan 17, 2022

Jo Pybus is a writer, feminist and what she calls late-onset to many things. She’s an Ironman (Ironwoman) and represented Australia in triathlon and cycling in her 40s. She’s latterly become a writer and a champion for raising awareness of menopause. Her mantra is better late than never!

We talk about:

  • What inspires Jo and what being late onset means to her
  • Why Jo set herself extreme physical challenges
  • Running 102km in perimenopause
  • How physical activity helped her cope with grief
  • Having a low intolerance to regret
  • How women can stop settling for the way things are
  • How she learnt that her body needed to adapt through perimenopause
  • Why we need to talk about menopause more
  • What it means to be a late onset feminist
  • The Me Too movement and the way we see things differently now
  • Menopause and history
  • The importance of managing our stress well
  • How to set yourself up to take action
  • Recognising what no longer serves us
  • Accepting that we may need more sleep
  • The challenge and joy of dancing
  • What Jo wants for women in midlife

And more!

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