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Magnificent Midlife

Sep 13, 2021

Meet Alexandra Boyd, a woman of many talents! She’s an actress, in Mr Holland’s Opus, Titanic, and Coronation Street to name just a very few, a screenwriter and film director, a video games icon, a singer, and a campaigner. She’s also been incredibly brave recently in her personal life for love!

We talk about:

  • How she crossed the ocean for love in midlife
  • How she made the decision to give up one life for another one
  • What it’s like living in a mobile home in the woods
  • Moving from being in front of the camera to behind it
  • About her feature film Widow’s Walk and how that came to be made
  • Basing her film in the county where she grew up – Suffolk
  • How she secured Virginia McKenna in one of the lead roles
  • Holding the film premiere at Bafta
  • Championing other women in the film industry through her new foundation, Artemisia’s Daughters

And more!

Find out more about Alexandra:

Alexandra’s website:

Her foundation:

Her film: Watch the trailer of Widow’s Walk here.

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