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Magnificent Midlife

Nov 27, 2020

An interview with Feyi Raimi-Abraham, founder of a fabulous new company called The Black Dementia Company, set up during lockdown and inspired into creation by caring for her mother who has dementia.

We talk about:

• Why Feyi felt there was a need for this company
• How lockdown accelerated that need
• What she hopes to achieve with the company
• What it’s like caring for her mother
• When she first noticed signs of dementia in her mother
• How the dementia progressed
• How Feyi adapted to being her mother’s full time carer
• Adjusting to her mother as a new person having been a strong, very active and independent woman in her past
• The impact on Feyi’s wider family
• The systems and tools she’s put in place to support her mum
• Advice for people who suspect there may be an issue with their loved one and especially their parent
• How can family best support the person diagnosed with dementia
• Getting rid of the stigma of dementia
• Looking out for signs of dementia
• Simple tests that can be done to check for dementia
• What Feyi has learnt about herself from becoming her mother’s carer
• What Feyi would like listeners to know about dementia

And more!

Find more about Feyi:

The Black Dementia Company

Instagram and Twitter

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