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Magnificent Midlife

Oct 30, 2020

Every season I do a solo episode. I'm in contemplative mood again thinking about the challenging world we're living in right now, and how we can build and maintain our resilience.

I talk about:

  • Jacinda Ardern’s landslide victory in New Zealand
  • Women leading as women not trying to be men or by burning out
  • The impact of stress on our health
  • Covid making us all depleted and how important it is to replenish
  • My son coming home
  • Tricky conversations about race
  • Being open to being uncomfortable so we can continue to grow
  • My hopes for the US election
  • Living in a Covid world
  • Getting creative about festivals and celebration
  • Not being able to go visit my mum again
  • Staying positive

Since I recorded this, I became aware that the video I mentioned is not wholly correct. Trump did say there were fine people on both sides after the disturbances in Charlottesville, but in that press conference he went on to say that he was not talking about the white supremacists. I still have no doubt that he has stoked the fires of prejudice but I wanted to point out that the video has taken his words out of context as did Joe Biden. I follow the line on the US situation of Glennon Doyle in terms of not necessarily being happy with either alternatives. But as she says, when the house is burning, you don't wait for the fire brigade to turn up. You just get out of the burning house.  More about this in this article.

Here is the video I mentioned in this episode.

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