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Magnificent Midlife

Oct 9, 2020

Meet the co-hosts of the Hot Flashes and Cool Topics podcast, Colleen Rosenblum and Bridgett Biagi Garratt.

We talk about:

  • Why they decided to start a podcast and how they came up with the name
  • How we are set on a path of life and when we get to midlife, it gets a bit confused!
  • How we need more of a sense of fulfilment in midlife.
  • The benefits of having a supportive partner despite them not listening to their podcast!
  • The importance of spreading the word about menopause and making it less taboo.
  • Raising awareness of menopause in the workplace and in doctors’ offices.
  • Differences in menopause awareness between the UK and the US.
  • Getting menopause on the school curriculum in the UK.
  • Trying to get a more positive perspective on menopause.
  • Understanding that women’s sexual desire starts in the brain.
  • Getting curious about what happens to women in midlife and through menopause.
  • Reframing the conversation about midlife to the future rather than the past.
  • The importance of looking forward rather than just backwards.
  • Moving beyond the overwhelming impression of loss as we go through menopause.
  • The huge benefits of being post menopause.
  • The lessons they’ve learnt from doing their podcast.

And more!

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