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Magnificent Midlife

Sep 28, 2020

Angela Raspass is my mentor and she works with women to find, create and grow their next chapter in business and life. She's as determined as I am to help women find passion, purpose and fulfilment in midlife and beyond. She also knows just how powerful we can be if we just believe in ourselves!

We talk about:
• How Angela moved from corporate to setting up a marketing business and finally becoming a business and life mentor
• Unpicking her sense of self-worth from running her business
• How she learnt that just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should
• Your business needs to serve you as much as your customers
• How women’s ability to contribute just expands as we age
• Self-doubt is the biggest issue for women and we need to dismantle our old stories
• Getting stuck in the conditioning and messages society gives us
• Learning to listen to our intuition and Angela’s next chapter model of change
• Moving through discontent and trying to work out what we want next
• What would you rant about on your soap box and who inspires you
• The inspiration Angela gets from Brené Brown
• Moving towards your desire and taking decisions
• Silencing your inner critic and finding belief buddies – don’t go it alone
• Acceptance commitment therapy (ACT) – actions first, confidence later
• Starting a business isn’t an easy path but can be incredibly rewarding
• Moving from face to face contact to online because of Covid
• Not being scared of technology or using lack of knowledge as an excuse
• No harm in getting help with the stuff that is difficult
• Applying self-compassion and being willing to pivot if we don’t get it right
• GOSCOP – Get off self, get on purpose – a good way to get back on track
• Feel Deal Heal – take time to feel the emotions, deal with them and heal ourselves
• Finding ways to fill the empty nest
• Building next chapters on skinned knees – learning from life experiences 

And lots more!                                 

You can find out more about Angela:

Your Next Chapter with Angela Raspass

Angela’s free Journey Board program

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