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Magnificent Midlife

Nov 28, 2019

Meet Louise Carr who healed her own midlife trauma through retraining as a nutrition consultant. She has a fascinating story to tell about how to improve our health through nutrition, but also how health issues can be changed by eliminating trauma from our lives. All driven by her own experience. Listen in for so much value about how to accept our issues, deal with them and thrive beyond them.

This is such a powerful interview. We talk about:

  • How Louise retrained in nutrition in midlife to cope with her own health issues
  • Not accepting the doctor’s narrative that health issues were age-related (at 46!)
  • How learning about nutrition can transform our lives
  • The importance of supporting our adrenal glands with nutrition
  • Replenishing our bodies and minds with down time and self care
  • How one big change can lead to many others – the domino effect
  • Learning to trust your gut
  • Coping with overwhelm and depression
  • Recognizing the true sources of one’s stress
  • Realizing when one’s relationship is no longer viable
  • The power of food and nutrition in transforming our lives
  • The damaging effect stress has on our health
  • How walking away from the wrong relationship can be very good for our health
  • Breaking free of abusive behavior
  • How IBS is a tell for trauma in our lives
  • How midlife is the perfect time to re-evaluate how we nurture ourselves
  • How inflammation and fighting our menopausal experience will make our experience of menopause worse
  • The empowering effect of stepping out of the victim mindset
  • Not accepting what we’re told if our gut tells us otherwise
  • The importance of a holistic approach to health especially in midlife
  • Dealing with PTSD as a midlife woman
  • Re-engaging with your body after trauma
  • How trauma effects short term memory – it may not be menopause!
  • Stress and hormonal health
  • Is it a mood swing or a food swing?
  • Keeping blood sugar levels stable
  • Weight-gain around the middle in midlife and its connection to stress and metabolism
  • Cortisol driving weight to the center of our bodies in midlife
  • Mineral dense foods
  • Calories don’t count – nutrition does
  • Learning to value ourselves more especially with food

And lots more!

You can find out more about Louise and her work on her website. You can also follow her on Facebook

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