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Magnificent Midlife

Jul 12, 2022

Dipping into the archives again for another gem of an interview with Deborah Ives, the solo traveler behind the travel blog, Solo in Style, who's passionate about helping women, particularly in midlife and beyond, travel solo. She's determined to show women there's no need to be scared of solo travel and she has loads of great tips to share. Since we recorded this, Deborah has grown her wonderful Facebook group for women over 50 who like to or dream of travelling solo to over 100k women!

We talk about:

- How Deborah first started travelling solo and why

- How to travel solo without going on a tour

- How great things can come out of bad stuff

- The importance of a bit of courage and also having a plan

- That there's no shame in travelling solo - it's all about confidence and doing what you want

- How there's no need to abandon your adventurous spirit just because you're a little older

- That it's easier to be adventurous when you're away from home

- Moving beyond couple pricing

- Eating alone when on holiday

- Forcing yourself to keep getting out there to limit isolation

- The importance of friendship

- Why we can benefit from slowing down and not rushing around too much

And more!


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