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Magnificent Midlife

Jun 7, 2022

Jennifer Arthurton is the creator and founder of Old Chicks Know Sh*t, a community and podcast (of the same name) designed to inspire and support midlife women in chasing their dreams and creating a kick-ass next chapter. Having made her midlife course corrections, she’s a passionate advocate of the inherent power and knowledge that women possess, at a time when they often feel overlooked and doubt themselves most.

We talk about:

- How Jennifer got so passionate about changing midlife narratives

- Jennifer’s own menopause and midlife experience

- How she reinvented herself after reaching rock bottom

- How so much of what we believe about midlife, menopause and aging is wrong

- What makes Jennifer angry about what women are told/believe about getting older

- How women can get very stuck in midlife and how to get unstuck

- How women can step up to lead more

- What Jennifer has learnt from doing her own podcast

- How Jennifer has changed the perception of midlife for her own daughter

- What Jennifer most wants women to know about midlife and beyond

And more!


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